Friday, November 26, 2010

Bubble is Back in Gwalior

Yes,  the much loved BMW Isetta which was owned by Late H.H.Maharaja Madhav Rao Scindia  is back in Gwalior 

The BMW Isetta more popularly known in its time as the bubble car due to its egg shape and bubble like windows, is coming back to Gwalior after it was sent for restoration and will be officially received by Yuvraj Mahanaryaman son of H.H.Jyotiraditya Scindia ji.

For over a year this famous exhibit was missed dearly by the visitors and the Museum staff alike. 

To celebrate the event the Museum welcomes all car lovers to visit the museum between 2.00-4.00pm on 4th December 2010.

Looking forward to see you all in Gwalior 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

H.H.Maharaja Sir Jiwajirao Scindia Museum

H.H.Maharaja Sir Jiwajirao Scindia Museum is established in a part of the Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior built  by H.H.Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia in 1874 and is trully a treat to the eye. The Palace is built combining three different architectural styles Tuscon, Italian and Corinthian with a unique mix of  Indian architectural elements harmoniously coexisting at one place. 

H.H.Maharaja Sir Jiwajirao Scindia Museum or J.S.M.   was established in 1964 in the memory of Late H.H.Maharaja Jiwajirao Scindia who was the last ruler of the Scindia dynasty to rule the State of Gwalior before India became a Republic and all erstwhile kingdoms became its part. 

J.S.M. has a rich collection of antiquities and truly is one of its kind museum in India.